Nov 23, 2009

These couldn't be more opposite but I feel like they belong together.  First is film on a freezing Chicago evening, toning and curves in photoshop.  Second is digital on a hot Miami sunrise, no post work.

Nov 22, 2009

These are super old scans from high school taken on my trusty 35mm Rebel.  Summer storms in Lombard are amazing.  This is all pre-photoshop.  The sky actually looked like that.  Man I miss that rumble of thunder.

Only I could manage to spend two weeks in Romania and not take a picture of a pretty girl.  It's like having that one house that doesn't get hit by the lava flow.  Anyway, these are pictures I took with my new (well, mid-70s) Canon AE-1.  Loving the grain.  If you get a chance, head over to the Eastern Bloc.  There's amazing scenery.  And the women aren't too shabby either.