Aug 27, 2010

Drove all the way up to Paso Robles only to stop for gas and turn around.  There's so much amazing country you can see from the 101.  The only problem is that the amazing view is from the middle of the freeway, and they really try to discourage parking there.  I managed to find a frontage road on the way home with a ramshackle old diner.  It was super contrasty with the sun low in the sky and the building in shadow, so the best I could do was take advantage of the flares with the Black Slim Devil.

Aug 22, 2010

More toy camera stuff.  Hit up Montebello skate park in the morning with the boys.  As usual, I went to a place full of people and took empty landscape shots.  Saw the beater on my way to Borders in the afternoon.  Ran home to get the camera just for this shot.  I love the way the flat wheel is turned just perfectly.  I had to stand uncomfortably close to a random dude at the crosswalk to get the whole thing in frame, and for some reason he seemed really unwilling to move.  Sometimes I feel like I'm the only normal person in Hollywood, and then I remember that I'm the one taking pictures of crappy cars two blocks away from the Walk of Fame.

Aug 18, 2010

Took this one last winter in Chicago, just getting around to uploading it now.  Taking into account my aversion to newer model cars, this was about all I could shoot from the middle of the mall parking lot.

Aug 1, 2010

Got a new toy yesterday on Fairfax.  It's a Black Slim Devil 35mm toy camera.  Super wide angle lens.  Took it to play on a location scout in Long Beach.  It gives pretty awesome flares.  The fixed aperture kind of sucks, though.  Makes taking pictures outside of direct sunlight pretty much impossible unless you want to use high iso film.  Which, if you know me, you know I pretty much refuse to do.  It's kind of a "grass is always greener situation" though - if I don't use a higher iso I can't take pictures indoors.  But if I load some 400 or 800, I'll immediately want to go out in the daylight.