Jun 28, 2010

It was another amazing road trip with John this summer.  This year we decided to go camping in King's Canyon National Park.  It's a pretty amazing U-shaped canyon with Giant Sequoia forests all around.  Despite only shooting half a roll of 645 before the camera battery died (note to self, always carry extras) and then subsequently losing the roll amidst all Jason's undeveloped stuff, I did get some good shots on the AE-1.  John's misguided attempts to stoke the fire with green branches led to some great pictures and smoking out the entire campground, which made us very popular.  The first night was spent next to a roaring river, the second was mostly spent awake and terrified in the car after reports of bears in the area and hearing strange cracking sounds in the woods nearby.  After our ursine encounter the year before at Convict Lake, I wasn't about to take any chances.